The Walking Dead: Episode 8X06 Highlight and Thoughts

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead takes some uneasy turns and reintroduces storylines from the beginning of the season. While it feels like Rick’s army is dismembered and feeling more like a rogue mission. Will the communities be able to finish Negan off and provide truce in the apocalyptic world. Only time will tell as we closing in on the mid-season finale. 


Team Work

Michonne and Rosita team up in what could be one of the best duos in Walking Dead since Rick and Daryl. Both of these badass women band together to take part in the war after being benched the first round. Michonne receives news from Rick that the plan is in motion to end Negan where it all began, The Sanctuary. While on their way to meet up with Rick and army. Michonne hears a faint noise of music in the woods. Rosita and Michonne follow the sound till there are lead to an abounded warehouse that serves as a hidden mini Savior compound (and I mean small as only two Saviors are running the operation).

The two saviors hope that their blaring  truck of speakers will detour the walkers that are surrounding the compound to free Negan and the gang. Earning the two misfit Saviors a seat at Negan’s table. However their plan is spoiled with Michonne and Rosita come in blasting (literally). The last remaining Savior makes a last ditched effort to flee. When we thought all hope was lost, Daryl and Tara come crashing in to save the day (talk about another unlikely duo). With the coast clear, the foursome make their way to The Sanctuary. Where an eager Daryl is ready to shut down Negan and his operation by starting the second war.

Wolves and Sheep 

Walking Dead continues to play the biblical card of salvation and forgiveness. Jesus feeds the Savior prisoners and even has a heart to heart with one. In hopes to save them by the good graces of Maggie. The newly appointed leader of Hilltop finds herself in the crossroads. Maggie knows there are only two solutions, save the saviors as bargaining chips or kill them. I love how Maggie was two steps ahead of the pestering former Hilltop leader and his analogy of “wolves and sheep”. Going back to her ole farm routes to knew exactly who was the true wolf in this scenario, Gregory. She orders her people to place Gregory with the Saviors in the self-made barbwire prison.

Another scenario of wolves and sheep is the bartering game between Jadis and Rick. I am still confused why Rick would go to the very group that not only shot him, but ruined his plans to end Negan. To be completely honest here, I would love nothing more than to have Jadis and her garbage people dead. The group is not interesting or intriguing enough to keep viewers interested. The storyline feels like a screen filler and to have Rick kept in a metal storage box is even more disappointing. Rick will make it out of the storage box by looking at the promo and flashbacks from episode 1. However will he only be let out just as Negan regains power again or as the second war is afoot?

Quick Thoughts 

  • Carl makes a friend in the woods, Siddiq (last seen in episode 1). Carl is quick to screen Siddiq with questions that his father once asked when taking in survivors back in Season 4. Even going as far as physically testing Siddiq when taking on a group of walkers to see if Siddiq would run and leave him to defend for himself. Siddiq passes the test and looks like Carl will have to answer his father once back at Alexandria. Despite Siddiq’s nice nature and touching family stories about how his mother’s beliefs that killing the walkers would free their souls. I have an unsteady feeling about Siddiq.
  • Aaron sent Enid out on a mission to help insure they win the war. I have no idea what this could be. Do you?
  • Carl is fed up with the sulking leader of The Kingdom as she gives him a speech that the show must go on. King Ezekiel still remains hesitant to end the war that he helped start. At this point I anointing Carol as Queen of Kingdom to lead the community into victory.

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