The Shannara Chronicles Episode 3 Recap: The Fury


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The third episode of the Shannara Chronicles named Fury picked up where the premiere ended with Wil and Amberle facing the oncoming Fury who had just brutally killed Amberle’s Aunt Piria.  All seems lost until the Fury is killed by Allanon.  Allanon quickly gets them back on the road, and as Wil is trying to convince Amberle to go back to Arborlon, Allanon falls off his horse.  He was gravely wounded by the Fury right before he cut its head off.

Allanon tells Wil and Amberle to take him back to the cave he first awoke in as it has magical properties.  While there, he tells them to go onto Arborlon and leave him in the cave.  Wil resists this, and decides to go to the nearby Silver River as its mud as known healing properties.

Meanwhile, another leaf falls from the Ellcrys and another Fury is let loose.  It goes straight to Wing Hove, and finds its dead comrade.  Enraged, it starts to follow Wil and Amberle.

The scene comes back to Amberle and Will  as they head to the river, despite the instructions given to them by Allanon. On the way there, Wil tells Amberle he is of the Shannara bloodline,which impresses her as Jerle Shannara was the most famous king that united the four lands.They arrive at the river, and Wil undresses in front of a very impressed Amberle, leading to a funny moment between them.  He then jumps in to get the mud.

Unfortunately, when he comes back up Amberle is being held hostage by Eretria, and her father’s right hand man.  They are bound, and taken by force back to the Rover camp.  Wil tries to plead with Eretria to let them go, and tells her about their dying friend, which she could care less for. While on the way, tensions fly between the hostile Eretria and Amberle, who already have bad blood between them. Amberle challenges Eretria to a fight, and Eretria, playing dirty, knocks a tied up Amberle out.

Back at the cave,the stone table that Allanon is laying on begins to light up and we see it start to heal him.

As for Wil and Amberle, they are brought to the Rover camp, and find themselves separated, but relatively unharmed.  Wil is tied to a post until Cephelo, acting like a good host, tells Eretria that Wil is his guest and to untie him.  Cephelo acts friendly, and offers Will a place in their Rover camp as a healer.  We know he is really after the stones.

Night falls, and there is a feast going on in the Rover camp.  Eretria confronts Cephelo.  It seems that Cephelo wants Eretria to beat the crap out of Amberle, and make Wil think she’ll kill her in order to get Wil to show Cephelo how the Elfstones work.  Eretria is against this as she says that she kills to survive not for sport.  Cephelo threatens that if she disobeys him, she will have to face dire consequences.

Eretria goes straight to a bound Amberle, and cuts her bounds.  She then gives Amberle a choice: change into the special clothes Cephelo has for her and fight Eretria in a cage match or punch her and make a run for it.  Not wanting to leave Wil behind, Amberle goes for choice number three which is take Eretria hostage with the knife Eretria has.

When Amberle confronts Cephelo with her hostage, and tells him to them them go, Cephelo flat out laughs in her face.  At this point, Eretria takes advantage of Amberle’s confusion, and wrestles Amberle to the ground.  Now pinned down, Eretria has the knife at Amberle’s throat, and the tables turn in Cephelo’s favor.  Wil, trying to save Amberle, tells Cephelo he’ll do anything that Cephelo tells him to.  Cephelo then hands Wil the Elfstones, and demands that Wil show him how to use them.  Not knowing how to use them, Wil is in quite a bind, and, unfortunately, is saved by an attacking Fury, who has found its prey.  While attacking the camp, Amberle gets free, but then sees that Eretria is about to be attacked by the Fury, and knocks Eretria out of the way.  Wil, seeing that both Amberle and Eretria are in imminent danger, wills himself to use the Elfstones, which he successfully does and kills the Fury.  Wil is knocked out.

A frantic Eretria with Amberle’s help takes Wil to a tent to check on him.  Its clear here to me that Eretria may really like Wil at this point.  Amberle doesn’t trust her, and once again holds a knife to Eretria’s throat.  This is interrupted by Cephelo, who wants the Elfstones from Amberle (who took them from the knocked out Wil), and attacks Amberle for them.  It is at this point that Allanon appears and easily takes out Cephelo.   He’s quite angry that Amberle and Wil are not yet back at Arborlon.

In the woods outside the Rover camp, Allanon heals Wil’s wounds with Druid magic.  As he does, he tells Amberle that none of this, especially not the effects the Elfstones had on Wil, is her fault.  He says that she is not the cause of the events that are happening, but the one that is effected by them.  In essence, she can not escape her destiny just as much as Wil, being of the Shannara bloodline, can not escape his destiny.

After Wil wakes, Wil, Amberle, and Allanon continue their journey to Arborlon.  On the way there, they come across an Elven farm where the residents have been brutally slain by a demon.  In the house, they discover one survivor of the massacre, a young Elven man who was chained and masked in a secret room.  When asked what his name is he says it is Bandon, and as to why he was chained up, he says his parents did it, but he is very elusive as to why.  Bandon is very fidgety and does not like close contact with others.  Amberle takes pity on Bandon, and decides to take him with them to Arborlon despite both Allanon and Wil’s misgivings.  Allanon states that he can’t read Bandon’s mind, and that he has some unknown magical ability.

Back at the Rover camp, Eretria believes she has fulfilled her part of the bargain she made earlier with Cephelo by bringing Wil to him, and is preparing to leave on her own.  This preparation is cut short as Cephelo reneges on his part of the agreement as he has lost both Wil and the Elfstones, and wants Eretria to help him get the Elfstones back.  He notices a bracelet that Eretria is wearing, the same one Amberle gave her for taking her horse in the premiere, has the royal crest, and that Amberle was not an ordinary Elf .  He threatens her life.  It is at this point that she knows that Cephelo had no intention of truly giving her her freedom.

Meanwhile, Amberle, Wil, Allanon, and Bandon arrive at Arborlon. For Bandon, this is quite an experience and he seems to be enamored of the beauty of the palace.  He is caught unawares when Amberle touches him as he has avoided all physical contact up until this point.  We now see why.  When Amberle touches him, Bandon has a vision of Amberle’s death, and that is the awful power he has: he can see the death of those who touch him.  He doesn’t tell anyone the fate he sees for Amberle, but Allanon can guess that something happened.  Amberle orders her servants to take care of Bandon.

Wil, Amberle, and Allanon are being escorted to see the king by Commander Tilt.  Allanon warns her that there is still an agent for the Dagda Mor in the palace and that they will have to have constant protection around Amberle.  Amberle herself is greeted warmly by a relieved Uncle Ander, but Ander warns her that the warm welcome will more than likely end with him as most elders blame Amberle with what is going on with the Ellcrys. When Wil asks why she can’t just go directly to the Ellcrys, Allanon explains that because she abandoned her duty to the Ellcrys, the elders must decide to give her permission to see the Ellcrys.

Amberle wants to tell the council what they saw with Wil at her side to back her up, but Wil tells her that he had no intention of doing anything more.  His mission was to get Amberle safely back to Arborlon, and then he was going to head to Storlock, as he originally planned, and become a healer.  Amberle, a bit disappointed, gives Wil a thank you and a farewell, and she heads into the Council chamber on her own.  Allanon, also extremely disappointed, says that he will keep the Elfstones until they meet again.

Wil starts to head out of the palace.  On his way out, Bandon finds him and stops him.  He tells him that Amberle is in grave danger, and that something terrible will happen if Wil does not accompany her to Safehold.  Wil is shaken by the fact that Bandon knew about Safehold when so few people know the name.

Back in the council room, Amberle faces an angry council and her grandfather. With Allanon at her side, she begins to tell them of the very real threat of the demons, and she seems to be gaining some sway over the council until her Uncle Arion steps up and completely discredits Allanon and Amberle.

It is at this point that Wil enters the room.  Angry, Prince Arion orders Commander Tilt to escort Wil out, but is stopped when Allanon states that it is treasonous to attack a member of the Royal family.  Incensed, Arion arrogantly claims that Wil is no relation to the Elessidil family, which Allanon agrees with, and then continues on to reveal Wil’s real ancestral tie to the Shannara bloodline.  This seems to make the council and the king willing to listen to what Wil has to say.  He doesn’t give an epic speech, but it is enough to turn the tide in Amberle’s favor, and she is given permission to go to the Ellcrys and take up her role as a member of the Chosen again.

In the Ellcrys’ garden, King Eventine tells them the story of the Ellcrys found in the codex in that near the end of the Ellcrys days, the tree will bear a single seed, and a member of the Chosen must take it to a place called Safehold and immerse it in Bloodfire.  Before the Ellcrys will give that seed to Amberle, Amberle must past a test given to her by the Ellcrys to prove if she is worthy for the task.

Amberle is newly anointed by Eventine, and takes up her vow to the Ellcrys.  Amberle must then enter the tree, and be tested by the Ellcrys.  If she passes, the Ellcrys will give her the seed.  If she fails, she will be killed and all hope will be lost.  Amberle agrees to take on that test.

The episode ends with a door opening near the base of the tree, and Amberle steps through the door into the light.

For me, I found this episode to be just as entertaining as what has come before, and it really played around with the different character dynamics and relationships in the story.  What are your thoughts on this episode?  Please share below in the comments.


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    a warm blanket for the fnsatay reader feeling scared by the encroaching darkness of the anti-heroes, a throwback to the good old days That, I think, sums up Brooks better than anything else. His stories are comfortable and familiar you know precisely what you’re going to get in terms of character and story, and you know it’s going to come in a pleasant package. He doesn’t really offer anything new or remarkable, but it can be nice to revisit things from time to time.

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    S Hart

    Thank you for the comment. I agree with everything you said. I see familiar story arcs and archetypes and that is just fine with me. I think many fantasy series have the hero quests and the oncoming darkness, but I still love them all the same!

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