The Walking Dead: Time to Gear Up For War

The Walking Dead: Time to Gear Up For War

The Walking Dead is 2 weeks away and fans of the hit walker drama series are eager to see the Grimes and Negan war. Sure we have waited for this moment all of Season 7, but Season 8 will be one swinging season with a flash forward ending. Who will survive the war and who will come out on top?


Show Your Colors 

From the breakdown of The Walking Dead trailer, the communities will have specific color bands to show not only their allegiance to Rick and Alexandria, but to show their community colors. In cased you missed the symbolism (Alexandria has white bands, The Kingdom has red bands, Hilltop Green Bands). This will help the other communities to clearly see who is “friend” or “foe.” Rick and his group have had their fair share of terrible alliances and trust in other apocalyptic survivors. The color coordination could prove useful to build trust and community pride as they take on the one group and leader that has shaken the foundations of each individual community, Negan.

Taking a close look at the trailer for Season 8, Maggie Green stands out in front of Hilltop members. This shot alone can be a spoiler of things to come: it has been a fan wish since the finale of Season 7 that Maggie resumes the role as leader of Hilltop. She has already given powerful speeches and proven her fight when Negan’s group lead a walker attack on Hilltop. With Jesus on Maggie’s side, what more influence does she did?

Members We Will Lose 

The war will bring plenty of death as the producers who love to give emotional pain to the fans promise more tears this season. Main characters are never safe on The Walking Dead and everyone is fair game as the television adaptation has made changes from the graphic novels. The timeline of the television show has also been closing in and on the brink of surpassing the graphic novels. This leaves the producer and writers to have free reign (with some input of Robert Kirkman) of the ending of The Walking Dead.

Based on the trailer, possible character deaths allude to Shiva (King Ezekiel’s Tiger) being surrounded by hungry walkers, Richard (King Ezekiel’s right hang man and precious cinnamon role) due to the fact that he is the comic relief, but also his line in the trailer can prove to be his last, and possibly Carol. Yes, I said Carol. She has been the muscle and fight in the show. As far as characters go, Carol has been the most developed character on The Walking Dead and ultimately has reached her character arc. Let’s not forget in Season 7 when she told Daryl that if anything happened to those she loved, she would not be able to come out alive.

Carol could go into the war with one mission and one mission alone: to kill Negan and defeat The Saviors at all cost. Carol in the trailer seems to have remorse in her eyes as she knows this could be the end. She looks to Daryl while setting up and initiating the plan of attack on The Saviors. As though she is trying to remember the people she loves. This could be far fetched or a personal interpretation, but we will lose a main Grimes group member this season so get the tissues ready.

Old Man Rick

Following the graphic novels, The Walking Dead will take that time jump into the future post war. I am curious to know how the producers and writers will pull this off and just where the timelines of the surviving characters will be. Also will we learn where Grimes and community end up after the war. Along with a possible introduction of new characters and groups. Are you ready for old man Rick?

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