The Walking Dead Season 8B Trailer Breakdown

The Walking Dead released not one but two 8B teaser trailers with some key spoilers! From the reveal of a main character death, to the loss of a community and the final showdown, there was a lot in those teasers.


Carl Grimes’s Fate

The teaser trailer shows a very sick and dying Carl being carried out by Rick and Michonne carrying Carl through the enflamed grounds of Alexandria. Presumably a last wish for Carl to pass outside the sewers and in a meadow (as seen in the teaser).

Rick Grimes is seen in the trailer holding a letter written by Carl in an open field, similar to the one where Carl takes off his hat, and delivers these words:“Before mom died she said I was going to beat this world.  You will.” The letter could have been written when Carl found out he was bitten by a walker. Carl’s final words could be delivered to his sister, Judith.

Season 8B will be heart wrenching for fans of The Walking Dead universe and the characters.  This is evident by Enid in the trailer seen falling to her knees crying and later comforted by Aaron. This could be after finding out the fate of Carl.

Bye Junkyard People 

Jadis is met by Dwight after the flip-flop devotion to sides. Negan sends his men to The Scavengers where Dwight makes an example of Jadis and kills all her people. In the trailer Michonne is being chased by walkers and climbing a pile of trash during her visit to The Scavengers with Rick. The walkers in frame are dressed like scavengers and are not as decomposed as walkers seen throughout the later seasons. Clearly something devastating happened to Jadis who is seen crying while sitting on a pile of garbage.

Other Spoilers: 

  • Eugene is seen making bullets again. If the show goes back to following the graphic novels, there may be scary treat about that bullet being made.
  • Maggie’s gift arrives to Negan and he is not happy in the trailer. He kills the walker in the box, that was sent by Hilltop in the mid-season finale, with a nail gun. Interesting weapon of choice?   Or a return to sender gift for Maggie?

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