The Walking Dead Episodes 8×01 and 8×02: Highlights and Thoughts

The Walking Dead Episodes 8×01 and 8×02: Highlights and Thoughts


Season 8 continues to bring all out warfare.  However, there may be some roadblocks in the war and victory against the Saviors! With returning faces and repeat offending topics of humanity. The war against the Saviors will be various battles of physical and mental strength. Here are my highlights from episodes 8×01 and 8×02. 


The Weak Link 

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when the reoccurring theme of “humanity vs. survival” was once again presented during a pivotal moments in both episodes. One led to the capture of Father Gabriel by Negan after his “heroic” last minute ditch to save the less than save-worthy Gregory. While the other almost led to more casualties of the communities in order to save Saviors.

I don’t understand why Father Gabriel thought that Gregory would show him the same decency especially after Gregory turned his back on Rick and the communities to show allegiance to Negan. Still Gabriel with his humanity weakness tries to rescue Gregory, only to be left behind while the former Hilltop Leader escaped. This left Gabriel to scramble to safety only to be greeted by Negan with Lucille in hand.

Another offender of the humanity weakness was seen by Jesus as he and the communities raid a familiar compound seen in Season 6. Tara and Jesus stumble across a lone Savior, who tricks them by wetting himself and claiming he was a prisoner of The Saviors. Right away, walking dead fans know that if there is one rule in the apocalypse it is: “trust no one!”

Jesus, however, seems to have forgotten this rule as he not once but twice saves The Savior despite Tara’s pleads to kill him.  I have to say I am on team Tara here with her choice to kill The Saviors or anyone they find in the compounds that is a threat. There is tension once again between Jesus and Tara when they capture the last of The Saviors. Jesus orders to save the Savior prisoners while Tara believes no mercy should be shown. This theme continues to have me rolling my eyes along with other fans. Season by season the group loses members and favorites over the idea of “trust.” Personally I would like to finally kill off this theme from the rest of the series as it has been outplayed.


Welcome Back!

In episode 8×02 we saw two familiar faces return, one more recognizable than the other. After Morgan was shot and thought to be dead. Morgan is revived to life which should have been expected as Morgan declared himself that he “Can’t Die.” However, he comes back no longer the pacifist Morgan we have grown to know over the past 2 seasons. Instead we see the Morgan from Season 3 killing anyone that got in his way. A far cry from Morgan’s old thinking of “every life is precious.”


The next return to Walking Dead was Morales last seen way, way back to Season 1 Episode 5 where Morales and his family decide to part ways with Rick and the Atlanta group to head to Birmingham rather then journey to the CDC. Rick and Shane supplied Morales with ammo and a gun to protect his family. If you remember closely from Season 1, Morales’s weapon of choice was a barbed wire bat. Perhaps this weapon was passed down to Negan to gain popularity and safety for his family. Seeing Morales’s devotion to Negan in the teaser for next episode, Rick may have a tough time to convince Morales to cease fire.

Quick Thoughts 

  • In episode 8×01 we see past, present and future Rick in flashback sequences. Which Rick is telling the current storyline? I know in the Graphic Novels ‘Old Man Rick’ is an actual storyline arch and time jump. But could the producers be teasing ‘Old Man Rick’ through a dream sequence. Either way, I am worried for Carl and Judith as there are hints that Rick could lose one of his children by the end of the season.

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