Shadowhunters Episode 3: Dead Man’s Party

Shadowhunters Episode 3: Dead Man’s Party

**Warning this article contains spoilers!**


Can I first start by saying woohoo? It’s getting good, and, though I enjoyed the other two episodes, this one left me really wanting more! So now that I have gotten that out of my system lets recap!

Alec wants to report to the Clave about the Vampires abducting Simon. However, Clary is seriously worried about her best friend and what these vamps are going to do to him. She is feeling conflicted due to her mother being abducted as well, and she believes that there is no win that can come out of this situation. She will either lose her mom or her best friend.

Jace and the others recognize the clothing of the vamps that took Simon, and believe they are in a coven run by Camille, an older beautiful vamp, whose coven is located at the Hotel Dumort.

We briefly touch the subject of Seelies which are: Faries, Pixies, Nixies and Elves. They are half Angel, half Demon, and may know how to get into Hotel Dumort.

The crew decides that, since the vamps made the first move and broke the accords, they won’t report this mission to the Clave, with Alec objecting.

Since they need weapons to go to the Hotel Dumort, and can’t take them from the Institute without reporting them or logging them, they head to a graveyard where we learn that most churches have a secret cache of weapons specifically for Shadowhunters. Once they locate the hidden cache, they discover that there is no bow for Alec which is his specialty weapon, just as Isabelle has her whip and Jace is skilled with the Seraph blade. Before Alec leaves he tells Jace that he trusts him no matter what, and he asks Jace to never doubt that.


We really start to feel the chemistry between Clary and Jace as he teaches her how to use the Seraph blade. Telling her he is with her as he places his hand on hers and shows her how to wield and strike. When she does it on her own, she tells him she felt like he was still with her.


We also learn that Alec and Jace share a bond, the Parabatai bond.  This bond is a type of battle brother bond: if one were to die, part of the other would die as well.

Simon is in Camille’s lair, where she and Rapheal (the vampire who originally kidnapped Simon) are having a conversation, and she freezes time pausing Simon and having a conversation with Rapheal. She tells Rapheal that Clary will come after Simon and reminds him that whoever possesses the Mortal Cup controls the Shadow World.


As Jace is teaching Clary, Alec heads back to the Institute for his bow. Isabelle seeks information on how to get into the Hotel Dumort. She goes to Meliorn’s home. He’s a Seelie and clearly there is history between these two. Things quickly get spicy between them, and it appears they are both pulling information from one another. He asks if they found Valentine’s daughter, then asks if Jocelyn’s daughter has the Mortal Cup. (interesting that either news travels fast about Jocelyn and Val, or that it really wasn’t that much of a secret).

Jace and Clary head to a bar, which appears ordinary, but Jace tells Clary to focus and really see what is going on. She then sees that it is a Vampire bar. Jace tells Clary to compliment a guy’s motorcycle. She walks over to him only to quickly be put in an Encanto, which is a dazzle that vampires use to draw in their victims before they strike. He goes from a grungy looking biker dude to a more clean shaven vamp.

camille and simon

We head back to Simon who seems to be entranced with Camille, who uses seduction to pull information from Simon asking him if Clary knows where the Mortal Cup is. He tells her no, and that Clary’s memories are blocked and that’s why they had to go to the City of Bones. Camille’s demeanor changes as she gets up and curses Magnus Bane.

After a nice time together Isabelle tells Meliorn she knows he is seeing Camille. She asks him how a Seelie could possibly get into the Hotel Dumort undetected. Still using her charm, she either played him like a fiddle or he is oblivious as he tells her how to get into the Hotel.

Back at the Institute Alec is seen by Hodge. Hodge tells Alec to say nothing so he doesn’t have to report him. Hodge then tells Alec that he sees much of himself in him. Proceeding to tell him he is a friend standing in the shadow of the chosen.

As Clary is in encanto with the vamp in the bar, Jace makes his move getting into a small scuffle and stealing the keys to the vamp’s motorcycle. That’s when we go for a ride and learn that it can fly!

Things begin to heat up with Camille and Simon, and it appears that he drank some of Camille’s blood! Uh oh.


Finally the sun is rising and the crew can strike.  Alec and Isabelle make their way inside and we get to see them work as a pretty badass team. Alec, using his bow, and Isabelle, using her whip and Seraph blade, distract the vamps.

Clary and Jace make their way to Camille’s room only to be stopped by some vamps. Jace takes them on, but it is Alec that ends up saving Clary by shooting an arrow through the wall and having the sun beam in and burn the vamp attacking her, then Clary kills another vamp using her blade.


Rapheal grabs Simon holding a blade to his throat, telling Camille to leave.  He then tells Simon to do exactly what he says. They see Rapheal with Simon and expecting the worst, but he then leads them out of the building releasing Simon to them. As he does so he tells Jace to remember who his friends are.

As the crew stands outside in the sun, Clary is relieved telling Simon she can’t live without her best friend as Jace glares in the backround with Alec.

Alec warns Jace again about Clary telling him that he thinks he knows her, but doesn’t and tells him to think about who her father is.

Things escalate and Jace tells Alec enough and that she has no one. Alec then tells Jace that he is older than him and is not in his shadow, referring to what Hodge had said earlier. Jace asks if he feels this way about her then why did he help her, only to be stared down by Alec.

the end

Clary looks up at Jace who is staring back at her, as Simon stares at Clary’s pulsating throat! Oh No!

What an exciting Episode! What are your thoughts?

I’m curious about the bond that is between Alec and Jace. Is it a magical bond or more of a brotherly bond?

Why is Alec so anti-Clary?

And again, what is going to happen with Simon?!

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