Marvel’s Infinity War Teaser Breakdown

Marvel’s Infinity Wars gave another tease to the much-anticipated Summer 2018 blockbuster. While little was shown in the teaser, there were some hints on what is to come. 


New Suits

There are some upgrades to Iron Man, Spider-man, Captain American and Winter Soldier in the latest trailer. We see Iron Man activating his model prime armor from his new chest piece. Spider-man gets his own suit of armor as a result of Tony Stark’s prototype failing to make it into space after riding the mysterious ring seen in the trailer. Captain America receives a new vibranium shield and gauntlet from Wakanda. Captain America is not the only one with a uniform upgrade.  Winter Soldier gets a vibranium arm crafted by Shuri.

Going Into Space 

As fans know, The Guardians cross paths with Thor in space from the teaser clip of Thor: Ragnarok. However, it looks like there will be multiple superheroes boarding The Milano (Ironman, Spider-Man, and Doctor Stange). This could come after the Guardians pay a visit to Earth. This will be an interesting scene to play out as Peter Quill (Star Lord) has not been to Earth since he was a boy.

Other Details 

  • Hulk crashes through The Sanctum, most likely summoned by Doctor Strange and is reunited with Tony Stark.
  • Expect Doctor Strange to be a key element in Infinity War. He will be casting various enchantments and turning back time to save others.
  • Scarlet Witch and Vision playing/exchange energy. This comes after Vision loses his mind stone to Thanos.
  • Thor will get a new hammer in Infinity Wars. Possibly forged by the help of Groot and Rocket as they are seen on a mission together in the teaser.
  • Did Captian Marvel make an appearance in the teaser? Hard to say, but fans believe that Captian Marvel is teased in the scene with Capitan America, Black Widow, and Vision. Guess we will see in May!





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