Cosplay Friday Highlight:

Here at Bgeekyblog we have grown to appreciate the community of cosplay. There is something special about the cosplaying community that deserves more recognition for their craft. Countless hours and hard work go into the details of bringing to life beloved characters. Your gender, physical appearance or age should never hinder you from your passion to cosplay. Cosplay is for everyone.  With that ideal, we are excited to expand our highlights to the cosplay community.  We are excited to highlight roadrnr08.

1.) What sparked your interest in cosplay?

Cosplay started for me just as a happy accident. I went to my first con to go meet a few celebrities and comic book artists for autographs and just became submerged in the culture and creative aspect.  I just dove head first and starting making things and learning how.

2.) What has been your favorite character to cosplay?

By far my favorite to cosplay has been Dean Winchester from Supernatural. The character hits so close to home. I love everything about the character.

3.) What would be your dream cosplay?

My dream cosplay would be Halloween Town Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

4.) What has been the most difficult cosplay for you and why?

My most difficult cosplay would have to be my Shiro cosplay from Voltron mainly since it was my first full build all out of EVA foam. Every pattern and detail was hand drawn and built, painted and crafted entirely by me.

5.) If you could reenact any scene in cosplay from any fandom, what would it be?

Oh definitely the Eye of The Tiger scene in the 1967 Chevy Impala from Supernatural 😎

6.) You cosplay a lot of different fandoms.  Which character (if any) would you say you relate to the most and why?

I would go with Dean from Supernatural because I’m a huge classic rock guy, love guitar, somewhat of a loner at times, but overall a big heart when it comes to others.


7.) If you could hang out with any character from any fandom, which character would you like to hang out with and why?

I’m gonna go with the cast of Firefly because you never know what kind of crazy adventure you’d get into.

8.) You’ve been to a few conventions in cosplay.  What has been your most memorable convention moment?

My best moment would have to be when I had a fan start freaking out getting closer in line to meet me. I jumped over my table and ran to give her a hug and, after we talked and she calmed down a bit, she handed me her phone to take a selfie with her. I was her background on her phone and it blew my mind 😂

9.) As seen in your youtube channel, you are quite the talented singer.  What inspires your singing  and acting and what have been the hardest challenges you have had to face and have overcome?

Singing and acting for me have always been outlets to channel my creativity much like cosplay has done. I get to learn a script and become an entirely new person while channeling my scenarios and life lessons to make it my own much like my music.

 10.) You like to give back to the community through charity or children’s events.  What is the best part of giving back to the community and what advice would you give to others who would also like to give back?

Honestly the best part of giving is knowing you’re making a difference.  It’s never been about for likes or followers. Giving, to me, has been a part of who I am and truly wanting to see others flourish in life and live as happy as they can so I always encourage others: just do.  Get out there and do something. It doesn’t have to be money.  It could be time, an ear to listen, a ride to another location or just a friend. Anything and everything can be giving.

11.) What advice would you give to people who are just starting out or getting back into cosplay?

My biggest piece of advice is just to genuinely have fun, make a costume that you’ll enjoy being in or even buy one and make it your own. Cosplay is about being able to have fun and playing a character you love. It’s not about the perfect costume, or most expensive, it’s about the joy it brings to you while you wear it and the joy it brings to others.

Thank you Roadrnr08 for doing this highlight with us.

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