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Here at Bgeekyblog we have grown to appreciate the community of cosplay. There is something special about the cosplaying community that deserves more recognition for their craft. Countless hours and hard work go into the details of bringing to life beloved characters. Your gender, physical appearance or age should never hinder you from your passion to cosplay. Cosplay is for everyone.  With that ideal, we are excited to expand our highlights to the cosplay community. We are honored and excited to be highlighting Narcisspuppet!

1.) What sparked your interest in cosplay?

I enjoy art, games, creating things, acting, photography, modeling, voice acting, make up and cinema, working out. I guess cosplay makes it a satisfying hobby because it regroups all those categories.

2.) What has been your favorite character to cosplay?

Kuja.  He is the reason behind the name.  I feel very comfortable in the costume and the poses are very natural and instinctive for me.

3.) What would be your dream cosplay?

I do not have any dream cosplay. I try to leave day by day. It takes so much time for every project that I would prefer not to think too much ahead of myself.

4.) What has been the most difficult cosplay for you and why?

Nothing is difficult.  Everything is time consuming when you want to do it well though. Gaining the knowledge, looking through all the references, experimenting, choosing the perfect ways to make the parts.

5.) If you could reenact any scene in cosplay from any fandom, what would it be?

Any scene from Berserk anime including myself as Griffith.

6.) You cosplay a lot of different fandoms.  Which character (if any) would you say you relate to the most and why?

I believe Griffith from Berserk was always the one. When I was a kid, I felt a lot of emotions watching this anime; which for me is hard.


7.) If you could hang out with any character from any fandom, which character would you like to hang out with and why?

I will name a few, there are more than this but I will give you the first that comes to mind. How about Guts from Berserk; as well as Prompto, Ignis and Gladio, my bros. I cosplay Noctis a lot recently.

8.) You’ve been to a few conventions in cosplay.  What has been your most memorable convention moment?

Only a few indeed. I only really started to go to them this summer. It is a little less accessible in Canada. My favorite one was AniRevo from Vancouver in Canada which I was very well taken care of by the staff when I was a guest. The people were memorable and great to me. I honestly will say that I would return for them.

9.) Your prop making skills are incredible and your collaborative work with @ladyxzero is impressive.  What inspired you to make your own props and what was the longest project you have worked on?

All my projects are long. It is difficult to put a timeframe on them. Per example, Noctis took more than one year because gathering the materials I needed for it was not as easy as just going to the store. Doing researches and experimenting on materials is what makes it the most time consuming. I actually think through all the details.

Today I am still making his sword because I keep thinking how to make some parts, and a few tries failed. I also adjust when I find better references.

The other reasons why it is so difficult to tell is because I work so much, aspiring to be a doctor or something around the area, that I only have small spare time for my hobby.

Nothing inspired me to make my own cosplay props. I just make them the best of my abilities because I like the challenge it implies; the creativity and the desire for perfection is motivating. The mindset that I have is to reproduce the characters as well as I can. Not saying that I succeed at anything really, but I do my best until I am satisfied with the result. I work very hard for every piece of gears that I want to make.

Lady Zero and I were always doing our own cosplay from scratch. I just think that it’s even better when we do it together.

@ladyxzero as Aerith.

10.) What advice would you give to people who are just starting out or getting back into cosplay?

Ask yourself why you are doing this and why do you want to do it. For me it was always pure passion and art.

It takes strong will to accomplish your goals and you can do anything you set your mind on, not only for cosplay, (as long it is realistic). Nobody is born perfect and behind the nice pictures, there is always a huge amount of efforts.

Lucrecia is cosplayed by @ladyxzero.

Thank you so much for doing this cosplay highlight with us Narcisspuppet.  Please be sure to follow him on his social media:

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